So hey, I'm fek. I'm a relatively normal guy who accidentally stumbled into the world of furry porn, and became sort of an overnight success story.

I was just a normal 20-something dude with a desk job. Clean-cut, quiet, a mortgage, two cats... you get the idea. I had always sort of secretly enjoyed furry porn, but I never considered myself much of a furry (truthfully, I still hesitate to call myself one), and I certainly didn't think I'd ever be where I am now.

A few years back, I got diagnosed with nerve sheath tumors. They won't kill me (at least not at cancer speeds), but they're gonna be expensive as fuck (unless the US sees healthcare reform in my lifetime), and they'll require surgery every decade or so.

So anyway, I started scrambling to find extra ways to make money. Freelancing and game development, mostly; I've been doing it on and off since college. Websites, mobile games, just little jobs here and there.

I couldn't stand it. The whole "I know what is going to eventually kill me" thing sorta puts things into perspective. I started realizing that time was way, way more important to me than money. So it was especially frustrating that I was now working a fulltime job AND doing freelance on the side just to pay medical bills. My free time was gone, and as much as I love working, I hate working on other peoples' projects.

I joked with some of my gamedev buddies about how tempting it was to try my hand at porn games. One of them hinted that she actually had some experience with it. The more we talked, the more I began to realize that it might not be as stupid and unrealistic as I had imagined.

One weekend, I was bored. "What the fuck," I figured. I doodled up a quick little furry porn game over a weekend. Rack.

I posted it. People loved it. They wanted more. I made more.

They wanted to donate. I didn't ask for it. I didn't even bring it up. They literally came to me asking for a paypal address, so I gave them one. They started throwing money at me.

A few months in, some of them suggested I look into patreon, so I set one up. Suddenly, the income became stable, predictable. It started low - a few hundred a month. Over time, a couple hundred turned into a couple thousand. I was making almost as much money from my moonlight adventures as a furry porn star as I was from my dayjob.

About a year after I started my little adventure, the webdev company I had been working with for the past six years started to crumble. The timing was almost too perfect. I knew the money would be tight - and it has been - but I was making enough from patreon to cover the bills and keep some food on the table.

This whole thing has been... crazy. Unbelievable. Exhilarating. I'm having the fucking time of my life, and I have all of my supporters to thank for it.

Please don't ever let me get complacent. Keep me accountable. You guys keep me fed, and I will keep you happy and fappy.

My time here is limited, just like everyone else. This is how I want to spend it - doing what I love, what I'm good at. This is seriously the dream. Thank you.